Wellness Wednesday: Set Yourself Up For Success

August, 19th 2020

So what does it look like to set yourself up for success? I want to inspire you to grow and achieve your goals with some amazing tips and tricks that I use daily. 

  • Mindfulness! It is important to take the time to breathe into the lower part of your belly. So breathe in your God or your creator, that calmness you deserve, and allow the ability to work out your thoughts and feelings.
  • White Space. This trick has saved my butt countless times! Put in your calendar or planner nothing, just block out blank time where nothing is going on and there is no need for emergencies. This extra time allows you to move things to it when you go over anywhere or run over somewhere else. If nothing else is going on it gives you the ability to sit down and set yourself up for success!
  • Focus on your Attitude by choosing gratitude. Human nature has us focusing on the negative and using the victim role. So change it by writing down what makes you grateful daily and keep it in your journal. 

Right now for me personally, with everything that has been going on with COVID and the kids staying home there is a lot of stress. So I have had to re-evaluate my nutrition and analyze where I am stress eating and what I can do to improve myself because we are all works in progress towards something or somewhere. 

  • So my next tip is to re-evaluate your nutrition on a regular basis whether that is weekly or daily or even when you notice something is changing for the worse. But be aware and mindful of where you are and if what you are eating and when you are eating is helping or hurting you.
  • Decreasing toxins to me is also something personally that I have to combat. Like for me I internalize stress, holding onto stress causes weight to acquire around my midsection and I know when I start to gain weight in that area that I must be stressed out so we need to do something about that. Recognizing where you hold your stress or other emotions will definitely help you get to your goals.
  • Sleep! How much are you getting? How many times are you waking up at night? Evaluating how much and making sure you are getting enough of the rest your body needs to operate is key to having good health and wellness. Sleep sometimes it comes down to making sure you are breathing nice deep breathes that are calming and soothing.

These basic tools and tricks will set you up for success but if you don’t have a great foundation to this then you are sorta working against yourself. What is in your gut is sorta the basic aspects for that foundation. Your Gut health with the microbiomes can be thrown further out of whack when your not doing these things daily as well as not having a solid foundation.

Download my Gutz Quiz and see for yourself if your gut microbiome is out of whack and when you have completed it message me and I will give you my 17 tips to get it back in working order.