Wellness Wednesday: Can't Read

August 26th, 2020

Gutzy Health Coach here to give you a quick story that really impacted my journey and essentially spearheaded me towards where I am today. 

It all started in 5th grade and surprisingly I was unable to read. I know it's hard to believe in today's world, that somebody would make it to 5th grade and is unable to read but times were much different back then. 

For me I just moved from one curriculum to another, I was starting new, fresh, and completely overwhelmed by everything that was happening around me. The worst memory from that time was when I was asked to get in front of the room and read a paragraph out loud. It was traumatizing. 

This sparked my emotional eating that I still to this day haven’t been able to shake. Ultimately leading me (maybe many several years down the road) on a spiraling health journey where I soaked everything and learned how to respond better to control my emotional eating. 

So in this change and ever evolving life we have where things are so unknown with Corona and school starting. It is important to pay attention to your health and what you are doing with the food you put in your body. When you don’t value the food you put into your body it leads to a huge gut dysbiosis affecting everything from how your bowels move to your concentration in certain tasks. 

I am adamantly passionate about pursuing and helping anyone who is in this position see the benefits of correcting their gut health. If you haven’t yet I would fill out the gut quiz and see about realigning it.