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 See clients who committed and are crushing it... 

She is truly one of a kind and will send you out the door with hope...!

Today, I got to see firsthand what a miracle worker she is in her work with Electrodermal screening… which is just one of the many ways she works!

I burst into tears leaving Rachel's office after finally getting some answers for my daughter. My mama heart wasn’t ready to give up on seeking care for my girl in a more naturopathic way and today Rachel's services brought me peace and hope. 

Hope that I haven’t had in a long time!!  

I’m grateful, I’m humbled and I’m so gosh darn blessed for the people God continually puts in my path! ❤️🙌🏼

If you’re looking for more options and you’re in ND or MT, check out Rachel Borntrager of Whole and Well Co! She is truly one of a kind and will send you out the door with hope, supplements and an action plan for success!!

What Others are Saying...

"I have learned so much..."

When I connected with Rachel, I had 2 goals in mind: 1. Lose weight and 2. Obtain better gut health.

Her 12-week program was perfect for me. I have 3 young kids and work outside the home so life can be a bit busy at times. One of my favorite things about this program was her Facebook learning group. Each week I had a list of documents to read, learn from, and refer to. It was easy to navigate, and I can still re-open the documents to review even after I’ve completed the course!

Since connecting with Rachel, I have learned there is so much more to gut health than taking generic probiotics. There are food choices, emotional choices, life choices that all affect my gut. I’ve been most amazed by the simple muscle testing that Rachel taught me. I’ve learned which foods and products my body can tolerate. I’ve learned to listen to my body. I’ve learned to listen to my emotions. I’ve learned to make better choices that have improved my physical and mental health.

While I have lost 15 pounds, my “lose weight” goal has changed. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, I now focus on how I feel, how I fuel my mind, and how I treat my body. The rest works itself out.

Gretchen F.

"FINALLY! I have an answer..."

Rachel has helped me so much! I was first tested in October and we found a multitude of issues. Since being on the supplements and homeopathies, I no longer have problems with my heart, and I have been able to discontinue my heart medication.

For many years, doctors couldn't tell me why my heart was not functioning correctly. With my first EDS screening, Rachel was able to pinpoint the cause. FINALLY! I have an answer and am being treated for the cause and not the symptom.  

Rachel is truly a gift from God and my personal "Life Saver"!

Julie K.

"I was blown away..."

I lost almost 5 lbs on the 5-day Ditch the Sugar challenge! I was blown away at how simply changing my sugar intake reflected in inches lost and my blood glucose dropping down to 114. Thank you for all of the great info and help!

Ditch the Sugar Challenge Testimony

She is a wealth of information who freely shares her knowledge & experiences to help you be the best you can be.    

I came to Rachel Borntrager at Whole and well in search of guidance for creating a healthier happier life. I was always tired, unmotivated, feeling stuck & unappreciative of what & where I was as a wife & stay at home mother.

My main goals were to have more energy, be able to better control my emotions, strengthen my immune system, love myself & appreciate all aspects of my life.     

Rachel was always encouraging, compassionate & never judgmental. She worked with me to set attainable goals & held me accountable to reach those goals. Rachel helped me to gain a different perspective by always asking insightful questions & helping me to find my own answers. Rachel always gave her full attention, really listening & trying to understand what I was saying or how I was feeling. She would then respond with a very sensitive, informed opinion on whatever topic we were discussing. 

Rachel is a wealth of information who freely shares her knowledge & experiences to help you be the best you can be.    

I was afraid at first to let Rachel in and talk about my "circle of life". I wanted her to just give me recipe & menu choices to fix all my problems. Rachel quickly gained my trust & used integrative nutrition to help me make lifestyle changes which ultimately helped me balance my circle of life. 

Rachel takes into account the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle, for optimal health. Working with Rachel as my health coach helped me to overcome my obstacles, make better choices, and lead a better fuller life. Rachel is highly skilled, and intelligent. Taking control and action for whole wellness is one of the best choices I have made & I could not have done that without Rachel coaching me through it all. I would absolutely recommend her!

Colleen R.


Healthy Habits Goals (June 8-July 15)

390 mins - walking

H2O - 4056+ozs

No Junk Foods

Deleted 14.2lbs

Deleted 43.4 lbs since 2/2/20

Minus 6” Chest

Time for a NEW wardrobe!!!! YES!!

Lorraine Zdziebkowski-Perri


Lorraine Zdziebkowski-Perri


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