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Hi there! I'm Rachel and this is my story...

My name is Rachel Borntrager. I am passionate about obesity not only because the rate of obesity has tripled in the last generation; But more precisely, because I was an obese and dyslexic child and I certainly didn't have much confidence. I know exactly what that feels like and the rate of obesity has only gotten worse in our society and this has become a 'huge and growing problem'. Even though it is common, obesity is not benign. It leads to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer...and yet it is entirely preventable...and I am on a mission to prevent that.

I was an obese and dyslexic child who certainly didn't have much confidence.

Let's get to know each other better...

Following my own 70 lb weight loss, I looked into how I could help others. I became a National Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach and I walk people through an incredible experience to transformative healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Specifically, I help busy moms lose weight and get a healthy gut so they have energy to enjoy life.

As I dove further into how I could best help and support people with their health, I then went on to learn Electrodermal Screening, getting to the root of the issues and not masking symptoms. What led me to learn about EDS was from one frightening day when my 1 year old nephew had an anaphylactic reaction to bread with cottage cheese in it!

It was terrifying. Being in the hospital, getting an epi pen, getting bounced around from tests to specialists to blood work saying there were a lot of "allergies".

This begged the question "What can my poor sweet little nephew eat that won't threaten his life?" 

The reply was shocking! "Anything that is not on the pages (and pages) of things that cause him issues." "What?!" "Yes. Just stay away from them." If you have ever struggled with food allergies and intolerances in yourself or a loved one, you know this is not that helpful. We struggled to know what to feed him.

We eventually found a specialist in South Dakota who did some screening. Part of the screening this doctor did was called Electrodermal Screening. Since my nephew was so little his mom volunteered to get screened first and we discovered that SHE also had some health issues that she did not even know she had! This was a tremendously valuable and eye-opening experience. So, as a result of her previously undiagnosed imbalances when my nephew was in utero, there were a lack of digestive enzymes getting passed along to him and a disruption in his gut health and microbiome. The end result was that he had these life-threatening food sensitivities. But when we know better we can do better. My nephew is now using vitamins and herbs specific for his needs and now a year later he is able to start on rotational foods and has improved nutrition with no more scary anaphylactic episodes.

This experience has had a profound impact on my practice.

I studied and became trained in this testing myself and invested in the equipment and I now recommend testing for all of my clients. Rather than having to spend years in trial and error or with grumbling health issues that could lead to devastating circumstances, I recommend we look and see what is going on specifically and then we can more quickly and accurately implement a solution if needed.Having said all that, there are some core principles that I've used with myself and my clients over the years to improve gut health that was the missing link to release stubborn weight for my clients before I became aware of EDS screening, that is very helpful.our gut health matters. So if you have stubborn weight or if you are wondering if your gut is healthy, click the link to get your free Starter Kit. But also, in the kit there is a way to connect, so if you have questions about electrodermal screening, I am happy to answer those as well.

With Love, Rachel - The Gutzy Health Coach

My mission is to help busy women get a healthy gut, shed inflammation & have the energy to live a full life.

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