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(Only offered with the Trifecta Treatment Package unless have an acute sport injuries. Session is $275)

What to Expect

The Red Light Therapy session is typically offered with the Trifecta Session Package which also includes BEMER Therapy and The Carters Technique of fluid management.

If you are not receiving other sessions the same day, then clients are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early prior to their Red Light Therapy session.  

You will need to undress (can wear underwear) for the session and will lay on a massage bed with red light pads underneath you and then covered up with red light pads and towels or blankets on top of you. This session will last 20 minutes.

Do not wear ANY lotion or hand cream on the day of your appointment. 

It is important to stay hydrated with water before and after your session.

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  • What Is Red Light Therapy?

    Loose fat without invasive procedures! Smooth wrinkles, heal skin conditions, and improve muscle and joint pain, all while relieving stress in a relaxing red light session!


    Red light therapy works by using red and near-red infrared lights to break down fat cells and release their contents to the bloodstream, to be used or removed by the body with no harmful side effects or invasive procedures! This process allows for a slimming appearance, as the red lights remove fat from the body! The Ideal Light system is the latest in red light technology and uses over 5,000 powerful computerized microchips. The combination of both red light and near-infrared microchips makes this system far superior in its effectiveness as a non-invasive liposuction alternative and healing device, and different than any other red light therapy system!


    Red light therapy has been shown to improve acne and scaring, as well as improve sprains and sports injuries, migraines and headaches. Skin conditions such as stretch marks, psoriasis, sun damage and eczema have also shown improvement in studies using red light therapy. The system even includes a face shield that boosts collagen and elastin, lessening wrinkles and fine lines!


    Additional conditions that can be helped include:


    Back Pain


    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



    Frozen Shoulder

    Heel Pain

    Jaw Problems

    Muscle Pain

    Neuritis / Neuralgia


    Post-Operative Pain

    Repetitive Stress Syndromes

    Skin Disorders

    Sprains & Strains


    Tennis Elbow

    Wound Healing


    When used for fat loss, no other lifestyle changes are required, but could make a significant difference in your overall results. Red Light Treatment can be used nearly anywhere localized fat deposits have occurred in the body. Originally tested by NASA, this safe alternative to invasive procedures is sure to improve your health and appearance.