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Have you been feeling frustrated with yourself for not taking action on your self-care goals?

Set yourself free from the shame and guilt you're feeling and begin today saying "YES!" to your health

Introducing Love Your Gutz Program

If you're a busy mom wanting to lose weight and get a healthy gut so you have energy to enjoy life - THIS COURSE IS CREATED FOR YOU!

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I know you're tired of...

  • Counting Calories

  • Trying new diet trends that don't work

  • Cleanses and detoxes of every kind

  • Carb Cycling

  • Exercising and eating with little to no results

  • Only drinking shakes

Imagine if you could...

  • Get your focus back

  • Feel energetic all the time

  • Love the food you eat without the guilt

  • Like the way you look in the mirror 

  • Improve the vital signs of your body

  • Reduce your stress levels

  • Balance your hormones

  • Set goals you actually achieved


I did it. Our clients are doing it. So can you.

In case we haven't met, Hi, I'm Rachel!

I am so excited you are making the decision to embark with me on this journey to loving your gutz, learning how to make transitions to a more gut friendly way of living and diving into some deeper topics that relate to gut health for life. 

If we don't know each other, my name is Rachel B, the Gutzy Health Coach. 

7 years ago, I started my own journey to better health. I took 6 months away from my job as a radiology tech and got to work. I was exhausted, frustrated, inflamed like crazy and felt like garbage. As a mom in her 30s I should have had the energy to keep up with my kids, but I didn't. I needed a change and my family deserved a mama & wife with the energy to keep up. In 6 months, I lost 70 pounds focusing on the things we will be discussing over these next 12 weeks together. 

We will cover:

Sugar detoxWhole foodsMindset & intuitive eatingGut microbiomeTrauma, Stress & Gut HealthYour Gut gardenBio-individuality- the less than cookie-cutter way to approach your healthFood for fuelThe Gut, liver & hormone connectionLifestyle application

I cannot wait to dive into these 12 weeks together!

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Raving Reviews

Here's what other students are raving about the course

"I lost 15 pounds!"

"My goal was weight loss and to get my autoimmune under control.

In the 12 weeks I was working with Rachel, I lost 15 pounds and 25 inches. I was also able to get off all of my autoimmune injections with Doctor supervision."

Amanda B.

"I have learned so much..."

"When I connected with Rachel, I had 2 goals in mind: 1. Lose weight and 2. Obtain better gut health.

Her 12-week program was perfect for me. Since connecting with Rachel, I have learned there is so much more to gut health than taking generic probiotics. There are food choices, emotional choices, life choices that all affect my gut. I’ve been most amazed by the simple muscle testing that Rachel taught me. I’ve learned which foods and products my body can tolerate. I’ve learned to listen to my body. I’ve learned to listen to my emotions. I’ve learned to make better choices that have improved my physical and mental health.

While I have lost 15 pounds, my “lose weight” goal has changed. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, I now focus on how I feel, how I fuel my mind, and how I treat my body. The rest works itself out.

Gretchen F.

"I lost 20 pounds!"

"I have lost 20 pounds since joining Love Your Gutz program. I have also experienced a decrease of inflammation, my brain fog is so much better and man the energy I now have!"


Start The Course

How are these results possible?

The Answer is simple: Love your guts.

When you learn how to properly feed your mind and body through practical lifestyle application practices, your entire body is able to transform to a healthier version of YOU!

There is a better way! I want to show you how!

So what is the Love Your Gutz Program?

Love your Gutz is an intensive 3-month group program designed to completely transform your gut health.

Through education, in-depth assessments and customized gut health boosting protocols, I show you how to address the root cause of your symptoms so you can quit guessing and finally feel better once and for all.

Identify Your Root Cause

Using symptom assessments + functional labs(for those wanting to take a more customized approach), we dig deep to figure out what's going wrong and why.

Rebalance Your Microbiome

Review your personalized Gut Healing Roadmap and begin implementing your first Protocol. We meet weekly as a group as well as you are provided with 3 meetings with me throughout our 4 months together to celebrate wins & address road-blocks.

Develop a Maintenance Plan

The hard work is over! It's time to develop some easy strategies to support your Gut long-term so you can continue to feel amazing and confident in your health.

Lean on Your Support System

We meet weekly as a group as well as you are provided with 3 meetings with me throughout our 4 months together to celebrate wins & address road-blocks.

How The Program Will Work

Step 1 - The Deep Dive:

We begin with a 90-minute intake session to review your health history, symptoms, goals and health concerns in detail. You will leave this call with some actionable first-steps to get started on right away.

Step 2 – Data Collection:

I may recommend some additional testing to help uncover your root cause and get further insight into your health. This may include functional labs (i.e. GI Map stool testing, food sensitivity testing, vitamin and mineral analysis, etc.), Additional suggestions will be made based on your intake session.

Step 3 – Gut Health Protocol:

Once all results are in, we meet for a 60-minute Strategy Session to review your to create your gut health protocol. This plan will include custom dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, as well as additional resources like meal plans, recipes, food lists, sleep suggestions, and more. 

Step 4 – Implement:

Once you've begun implementing your customized gut health protocol, we will continue to meet weekly as a group to go over common gut health issues, ones that you may be experiencing, learn about typical protocols, how to cook to boost your gut health, ingredients, supplements and foods that can cause discomfort and setbacks. We will meet 3 times over our time together to continue to assess changes, discuss your progress, address any roadblocks, and make adjustments to your protocol, as-needed.

Step 5 - The Sign-Off:

At the end of our time together, you will leave with a personalized maintenance plan including supplement, lifestyle and dietary recommendations to continue supporting your Gut Health long-term.

What is included?

  • Comprehensive gut health & symptomatology analysis

  • 90-minute Initial Consultation call to review your health history, goals, health concerns and symptoms in detail

  • 60-minute Strategy Session to review your any lab results, create a gut healing protocol and personalized gut health plan

  • 3 x 45-minute follow-up sessions

  • Access to weekly office hours to discuss common gut health dysfunctions, ask questions for educational purposes only. No symptom management or personal protocol discussion will take place here.

  • Access to me through direct-messenger or voxer Monday- Friday from 10-3 MST to ask questions

  • Personalized (monthly) Gut health Protocols based on your symptom reports, health concerns, goals and lab results, including custom supplement, diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • Access to food, mood and lifestyle journals to keep you on track outside of our appointments

  • Recipe booklets, sample meal plans and customized food lists to compliment your protocols

  • Lifestyle tools and educational resources to help with stress, sleep, digestion and more

  • Access to my professional online supplement dispensary (+ a 10% discount for life!)

...And your own personal cheerleader - we're in this together!

Love Your Gutz Pricing

Payment Plan

Pay in 3 increments of $1,097 over a 3 month period

Pay in Full

Save $394 when you pay in full $2,897


It's time for you to take action. This is where you get to make a choice.

Option 1. You do nothing.

Option 2. You schedule a call with me to discuss any further questions or concerns you have regarding if this is the right program for you or not. I will give you an honest answer on whether I believe I am the right solution for your needs.

Option 3. You choose the payment plan that is right for you and get to work on achieving better gut health, weight, and lifestyle!

Are you ready to be our next success story?

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It is your time! It is your time to get answers that lead to actual results!