The Best 3 Avenue's To Find Accountability And Get In The Best Shape


In today's world, working from home, having kids home, and maybe even feeling the pressure to educate them. It is extremely important to have your own support system that you are able to rely on. This support system mixed in with your gratitudes, food logging, and good self care regime cultivates a whole and well system to better health. Finding a support system in today's world is tough but I have provided a list below of 3 different ways you are able to cultivate that relationship and get in the best shape with it.

Joining A Group

Finding a Facebook group that actually holds you accountable and checks with you is a fun virtual way to get healthy with others. Plan workout days, check in on the daily with food intake, and be active with it and you will see the benefits of it soar. You can check out my Facebook Group and see if we are a good fit for you, we would love to have you!

Leaning On A Friend

Whether a friend is near or far away it is very easy to check in and hold each other accountable for doing the workouts. Daily FaceTime or even just a phone call is a simple way to ensure you actually do the work. Plus they are there to talk you off the ledge when you want to eat that last piece of cake in the fridge, but really don't need it because you consumed most of the rest of the cake during the week. I bet you have a friend somewhere that could use some accountability, so give them a call and get yourself healthy.

Finding A Coach

Fitness coaches are abundant in todays world and you don't need to just go to the gym to find someone to help you with your fitness. But fitness is more than just your physical exertion, it is your mindset and how you approach and hurdle over those obstacles.  Coming from someone who believes in coaching and giving their clients the best they have I find that using a coach who is invested in your goals and achievements is the number one way to get healthy. 

Finding accountability is difficult because it makes you vulnerable and get out of your comfort zone. When you do it you are ultimately better off and will soar towards those goals with lightening speed.

If you need a coach, I am here for you.