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Session is $35

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What to Expect

First time clients can expect the session to last no more than 8 minutes. As you continue sessions, you will eventually work your time up to 20 minutes.

When you arrive for the session, you will sit in a reclining chair with the BEMER mat behind you.

You may experience relaxation, feel tingling or warmth.

It is important to stay hydrated with water before and after your therapy session. 

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    BEMER is designed to improve circulation, thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the body’s universal means of transportation. Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones) and immune cells are all transported through our blood. When our body’s cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies maintain a healthy balance and function properly. The optimal regulation of circulation is a prerequisite for ensuring good levels of health and fitness.

    The uniqueness of BEMER lies in its signal and its configuration. The signal leads to scientifically grounded stimulation of the smallest vessels (microcirculation) supporting the circulatory system as a whole. No other biophysical modality in the world targets microcirculation in the way that BEMER does.

    The perception of the BEMER application differs from user to user. Some users experience a light feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation. Most feel noticeably relaxed and invigorated after the application. While some have no awareness of the application.

    Scientific findings confirm that correctly functioning circulation is of crucial importance in ensuring a person’s well-being and physical performance. In all advanced organisms, blood circulation regulates the nourishment of cells with oxygen and nutrients, the removal of waste products and many other processes.

    BEMER is not a disease-specific application. Its effect on the circulation and the resulting improvements to the supply and removal of substances to/from the body’s cells allows these cells to produce and supply increasing amounts of energy, and therefore carry out their tasks (production) in a more functional manner.

    BEMER is a safe and effective stand-alone or complementary/adjunctive therapy. The effects of BEMER are scientifically proven. The BEMER is an FDA Class II medical device that can be used in a clinical environment and/or in over-the-counter (OTC) home care. They are equally suited for both medical professionals and for home use by the end user.

    BEMER has been used by many doctors and healthcare providers worldwide and is a therapeutic modality used in conventional medicine as a complementary or adjunct therapeutic application. It is currently accepted by specialist medical bodies, is a key topic in medical working groups, and is a current object of research in a number of universities.

    BEMER Therapy is recommended as a long-term application. The positive effects of BEMER Therapy may last for an extended period of time. However, the results vary based on the individual user and depend fundamentally on the individual lifestyle and state of health of the user. The average user can expect a single application to last (8-12 hours).

    Over the past 20 years, BEMER has been scientifically studied from several perspectives and results published. Please check out the link www.pubmed.gov.

    BEMER Additional Resources

    Blood flow examples before and after BEMER therapy. 

    BEMER devices are designed to temporarily increase local blood circulation in healthy muscles and stimulate muscles in order to improve and facilitate performance.

    Dr. Shaunna describes the importance of microcirculation in our overall health during the launch of BEMER in Canada.